Do you ever wonder why it’s so hard to get people and organizations to change—even when the change would benefit them?

Inertia is a hallmark of human culture. Yet increasingly, research is revealing that there are key maps and tools that can effectively shift our culture in generative directions if we can leverage how we communicate about our work.

The 7 conversations toolkit identifies the highest leverage conversations every mission-driven organization needs to be having. Unfortunately, what’s common is that we think we’re already having these conversations—but the real truth is that we’re not having them in a way that will deliver the kind of culture and value we need and want.

This short introductory video maps this critical conversational territory at work and hones in on some of the key issues that can be resolved when we learn how to have effective conversations. Click here to sign up and receive our video, along with an immediately downloadable 7 conversations graphic.


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