This February, We, at Round Sky, launched our 2018 Winter Cohort in the Level I, Collaborative Leadership Certification Program. We are pleased to introduce these incredible folks to you from many areas of the globe (Ghana, France, and throughout the United States) and from very different paths! Meet the cohort below!

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Shared, Facilitative Online Leadership Training Cohort

Our Winter Cohort — Remote training calls CAN be fun and community building!


Carolyn Lagomasino Edsell-Vetter is co-CEO of A Yard & A Half Landscaping Cooperative near Boston, MA. In 2013, she led the conversion of A Yard & A Half Landscaping to a worker-owned coop. Since that time, she has been working with her mostly Salvadorean immigrant co-owners to facilitate a shift to more a democratic workplace culture, where everyone’s leadership contributions are valued.

I’m Francis Kwame Ghunney, a retired mining engineer, currently running a mining equipment and tools supplies and services agency in Ghana. I have a passionate desire to inspire humanity to co-create possibilities for better well-being, and improved livelihood.

Atikah Lorot is passionate about three things: exploring new territories, living a full and diverse life, providing support to those who wish to do the same. Atikah currently works in Paris, helping start-ups and organisations – and the individuals within them – to reach their full potential through collaboration, reflexion and broadening their perspectives.

Jan Sage, Boston area. Former theatre artist/dancer/singer and media producer evolved to a “next-stage” learning designer and OD (Organizational Design) specialist determined to help humanity make a graceful shift to the coming Planetary Era.

Kristen Del Simone brings her fascination with personal and collective transformation to her work as a leadership coach and OD (Organizational Design) consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she empowers others to create transformational change in themselves and in the systems with which they interact.