"What can your collaborative and visionary organization do for our world?"

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You dream of a better world… one that’s just, sustainable, resilient and generative. One that lifts people up, loves our planet, and is filled with joy, beauty, goodness and truth.

And you wake up every day aching with the knowledge that it’s not the world we live in. Instead, we live on the edge of an inconceivable tragedy, mired in politics and power hierarchies, a world where even the best ideas and the most brilliant efforts to bring this better world about can fail…

Collaboratively running a social venture comes with a whole set of unique challenges from how we legally organize to how we share power in daily operations.

We offer researched and tested collaborative leadership methodologies and business training and support for social ventures at all stages of development.


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You are a leader in an organization with a mission to make a better world. You have vision. You are determined to create change. You dream of wo

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